Bronze Art in Kalispell, MT

I’m Daniel Parker, a self-taught artist raised in the breathtaking wilderness of northwestern Montana. Surrounded by the unrivaled beauty of National Parks and the majestic mountains, my studio is truly nature itself. It is within these awe-inspiring landscapes that I have spent my life studying and observing each animal in its natural habitat, honing my skills as an artist.

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A Rare Eye for Aesthetics

I am privileged to possess a rare eye for the aesthetics of fine art, allowing me to capture the unique balance and grace that each of my subjects command. As a result, my bronze sculptures have gained widespread acclaim and are treasured by collectors all over the globe.

Attention to Detail

Each bronze piece that I craft is sculpted with the strictest attention to detail, posture, and body proportions. This dedication ensures that every sculpture is a true representation of the natural beauty and spirit of the animal it depicts. Whether it’s the grace of a soaring eagle or the strength of a charging bison, I strive to bring life to each sculpture, capturing their essence in metal.

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Prized Collections

My bronze sculptures have found their place in prized collections around the world. From private collections in the United States, including that of Jack Nicklaus, to galleries and museums internationally, my art has touched the hearts of individuals who appreciate the tangible beauty of custom bronze art.


At Parker Bronze, I am proud to offer only my own art. This exclusivity ensures that each piece is a true representation of my artistic vision and craftsmanship. By maintaining control over the entire creative process, I can guarantee the quality and authenticity of every bronze sculpture that leaves my studio.

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Custom Bronze Art

If you have a specific vision or desire to bring a unique piece of art into your life, I specialize in crafting custom bronze art. Whether you are seeking a one-of-a-kind wildlife sculpture or a custom western art piece, I am passionate about creating art that exceeds your expectations. Collaborating closely with my clients, I bring their ideas to life, ensuring that the final result is a reflection of their personal vision.

Bronze Art

Experience the Beauty

I invite you to browse through my portfolio and witness the intricate beauty of my bronze sculptures. From powerful wild horses to serene wolf packs and everything in between, each piece carries with it a story. The depth, texture, and movement of my sculptures will captivate and inspire you, bringing the untamed wilderness into your home or office.

Join the Parker Bronze Family

Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the art world, I welcome you to become a part of the Parker Bronze family. By owning one of my bronze sculptures, you are not only acquiring a piece of art but also embracing the spirit of the wilderness and the awe-inspiring landscapes that surround us. With each stroke of my artist’s brush, I endeavor to encapsulate the untamed beauty that exists in nature.

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Contact Me Today!

If you have any inquiries or would like to discuss a custom bronze art commission, please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m always excited to connect with art enthusiasts and share my passion for creating art that transcends boundaries. Thank you for visiting Parker Bronze, and I look forward to being a part of your artistic journey.

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